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  • The 3Yoska Characters
    The 3Yoska Characters-1
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    The 3Yoska Characters

    *Kit includes three wooden dolls of different sizes *35 special rubber parts: hats, glasses, eyes, ears and more *Create different, funny figures, a king and queen, a prince, a clown, a nice lady, a rocker, and various other characters. *The rubber parts fit all sizes of the dolls, creating a different, interesting and exciting new character each time. *Great fun – and great for developing creative thinking and imagination. *Recommended for children age 3-99
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  • The Make & Match Memo
    The Make & Match Memo_3
    20,00 Quickview

    The Make & Match Memo

    *The printing is done on the wooden coins using special printing stickers *Fun and creative game for the development of memory, fine motor skills, and creativity *For boys and girls ages 4+
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  • The GrafiTape Projector
    The GrafiTape Projector_4
    40,00 Quickview

    The GrafiTape Projector

    *Draw or copy on the slide, place the slide in the projector and project your painting, then tape the washi tape following the projected lines, *Remove the Washi tape without damaging the walls doors paint, and make new Tape art over and over again. *A great creative experience that allows children to decorate their room and enjoy every time from their own unique design, *For developing creativity, imagination, and fine motor skills. *Suitable for boys and girls ages 5+
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  • The WoodiGami Animals
    The WoodiGami Animals_3
    25,00 Quickview

    The WoodiGami Animals

    *Create different animals by folding paper (origami) and wooden shapes. *Instructions included *Wooden shapes *Made out of high-quality materials, all perfectly safe for use by children. *Age 5+
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