The Yellow F*ck you CandleHand

The Yellow F*ck you CandleHand



*comes in different colors
*rolled in quality packaging
*100% handmade
*fragrance free
*spills while burning
*please burn on a non-burning surface, ideally on a plate
*high-quality Paraffin Wax, Wax Dyes, Cotton wicks*
Approximate burn time 10+ hours

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One f*cking gesture to express it all – your mood, your opinion, or even your view of life!
That’s right… you can now get yourself a realistic, high-quality f*ck, that comes in different colors and is packed nicely for your convenience.
Give the f*ck to someone you think deserves it, or don’t give a f*ck at all – keep it all for yourself.
Isn’t it just f*cking great?

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