lol* story

Name: Lol* the brand

Date of birth: 13/12/2012

Sign: Sagittarius (Fire & energy!!!)

Characteristics: Optimistic, active, dynamic, extrovert, happy, emotionally positive with inner strength and calmness, extremely alluring & above all unique

Talents: Various, but they all are of a stylish perspective and with an added alternative inclination

Personality: Delicate but nonetheless rock, explosive, friendly, enthusiastic, playful & selectively colourful

The creator of this new brand line, Stevie Panousopoulou-Halikia, became involved with fashion at a very early age. She then worked for many years as a Brand Manager of a successful Greek clothing and accessories brand, designed for young people. This is how she learned first hand all of the fashion industry’s secrets, as well as the essentials about producing quality and stylishly alternative clothes, which are timeless and unique.

She has a natural elegance within her, a strong personal opinion, an explosive temperament , and certainly has a restless mind. This is why there is no convincing her not to take a leap and start her vision: a brand that combines her 2 passions: fashion creations and babies!


This is the brand line’s motto, as well as the creator’s point of view. Her inspiration comes every single moment from her two kids, the stars of every parent’s life!

There is one solid conclusion from all of this and it’s lol the brand’s core belief: life has an absolute positive side, no matter any events or proof of the contrary. You should live every moment to the fullest and every single incident with intensity, liveliness, and a great appetite.


lol the brand loves all babies & kids, all over the world, and designs clothes from baby’s 1st day up to 8 years old. The line has strict and high quality standards and it prefers only the extremely fine and airy fabrics, such as linen, cotton, and silk.

The practical and special designs of the collection create a complete selection that consists of all the basics: comfortable baby bodysuits, t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, and bermuda shorts, as well as really wide and low waist pants, breeches, dresses, mini skirts, and open-back tops that will make even the most demanding little fashionista… fall in love.


lol the brand lives “on the edge” and appreciates everything that’s beautiful, Greek, and up to date. It’s a brand that proves the notion of value for money; something of good quality doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive. It can be great, without being extravagant. It can be special, as well as practical. Most of all, it can be stylish and 100% Greek!

This brand offers original workshops that create the perfect environment to come closer with the new parents, discovering their needs, providing clothing tips for the new family member, and also creating “sur mesure” baby wardrobes and/or custom made items.

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